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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Classes

Birthday Calendar (Mandi) 2 hrs
January 15
Come and make an adorable birthday calendar you can keep up all year and for years to come.

XO (Mandi) 2 hrs
January 13
This adorable XO will say Happy Valentine's in any room to anyone.

Home (Shauna) 2 hrs
January 19
Use to decorate your home. The "O" changes for every month.

Stackable Snowman (Shauna) 2 hrs
January 27
This is a cute decor for any shelf during those cold months. It will brighten any room.

CTR (Mandi) 2 hrs
February 3
It is always in style to Choose the Right. Come make these letters.

1-2-3 Done (Candice) 2 hrs
February 16
Come learn how to do 4 x 6 scrapbooking. It is great for beginners or
women who have to many pictures and not enough time.

Magnet Board (Shauna) 2 hrs
February 25
Perfect for college room, office or craft room. Leave your messages in style.

ABC Quiet Book (Shauna) 2 hrs
March 19
This will be perfect for church. Teach them the ABC's of church,
and help them recognize pictures.

Carrots (Mandi) 2 hrs
March 23
Come create these adorable carrots perfect for the Easter season, and cheer up your home.

Little Critters (Candice) 2 hrs
March 31
These little guys are sure to make you smile!


Can't make the class, but love the project?
Grab a class to go kit.
Any of our great specialty classes can be ordered as class to go kits.
Just simply call and pay for the class and mention that you would like a kit only.
We'll have your kit ready to pick up the day after the class is held.
They include full color instructions.

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