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Friday, December 31, 2010

Studio 5

Watch us on Studio 5.

Projects that were shown on KSL Studio 5. We hope these
winter items brighten up your home for the cold season.

Paint Can Snowman
This is a darling project that can be reused and reused.
The cans are washable in the dishwasher and can be
changed for different holidays and decorations.

Clock and Birthday Calendar

There will be kits available in the
store for the Birthday calendar.
Call and order yours today.
We will also be holding a class that you can attend and make at the store.

Paper Snowflakes
The instructions can be found at studio 5.
It is an archive on the site.

Winter Trees
Take foam trees and wrap ribbon around
or glue buttons all around them to make your
home festive for the winter.

Snowman soup...
Was told that your were good last year
we were thrilled to hear it
with cold weather drewing near
you'll need to warm the spirit
so here's a little snowman soup
complete with stiring stick
add hot water, sip it slow
it's sure to do the trick!

Survival kit
It's just not funny
when your nose is runny
your lips get dry
you want to cry!
the germs are hatching
you know it's catching....