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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sticky Thumb

For those of you looking for a new adhesive try these!

Each roller comes equipped with 24 feet of double sided adhesive. The refill packages have two refills for a total of 48 feet. A package of dimensionals have 442 sticky dimensionals in it. I was impressed by that. That is by far the largest quantity package I have heard of.

The Sticky Thumb has a lot of the same great qualities that some of the other adhesives on the market have, but where The Sticky Thumb stands out above the rest, is the price. The retail price for The Sticky Thumb adhesive roller is $2.50, the refill package is $3.00 and the dimensional variety pack is $3.00.

A few of you may have been turned off when you read that the roller only had 24 feet of tape, but for $2.50 and a refill package has 48 feet of tape for $3.00, I think that makes The Sticky Thumb a good DEAL!! Some of the other 50 foot refills are near $5 or $6 for a refill. The dimensionals? When was the last time you paid $3.00 for 442 dimensionals? I never have.

I loved it. Try them in stores now.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Patriotic Line, Karen Foster

Patriotic Boat
How cute is this! Use this clever twist on an old favorite
to make a darling accent for your next 4th of July party!

Come get your paper before it runs out!