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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wall Flower

-1 12x16 inch canvas $5.99 (with 40% off coupon, originally $9.99)

-1 Artist's Loft 4 oz acrylic grey paint $3.99

-5 pieces of scrap book paper $3 total

I had the following:

-Mini hot glue gun and glue sticks

-Foam paint brushes

-Mod Podge (Please read reader comments before using)


1) Paint your canvas. Put the paint in a disposable container and paint it on, it will be see through at this time. Before you add a second coat, you must let it dry completely or it'll come off when you brush over it.

2) While your first coat is drying, cut a 2 inch wide strip off the bottom of each of your scrap book papers. Don't measure these cuts, just eyeball them.

3) Then cut that strip into 2-3 inch rectangles.

4) Starting at one corner of the square make a curved cut to the opposite corner.

5) And back again.

6) Ta-da you have a leaf now! Repeat this process and make them smaller and larger... I found that I made too many large ones (over 3 inches) and had to scale them down later.

7) Once you have a good sized pile of them, add your second coat of paint to your canvas. Remember to paint the edges too!

8) Let your canvas dry completely. And begin to lay the leaves out starting with your center circle.

9) As you lay them out you might have to trim some leaves smaller or cut other larger ones. If you look closely I started with smaller leaves and as I worked my way out I used larger ones.

10) Now comes the fun part (sarcastism). Carefully pick up the center circle and stick some hot glue on it and put it back. Work your way out doing the same things on the leaves. When it gets to the edge wrap it over.

Cute idea for girls from or family room with colors that match your home.
I found this cute idea on


  1. love this, I will try it this weekend!

  2. I have the same question. What is the mod podge for? I hope someone responds.